Online Help for Aging Seniors

Whether you’ve just turned 65 or you are well into your golden years, there are a lot of options for seniors online. Use these tips to help you get all kinds of discounts on the things you need!


 Online Senior Help

Movie, show, and dining discounts

When you travel with friends and family, remember to use your senior discount. Sometimes family members will buy tickets in advance not realizing that you can get a discount. With some tickets that you purchase, you may be able to get a discount on all the tickets. You can always check the site for where you are purchasing tickets for more information.

With restaurants, some dining venues give senior discounts and you can always use your AARP card. They may not ask for it but it may take 10% off your meal. Check with AARP for the restaurant name and you can always ask when you go.

Hotels, buses, and cruises

Because seniors have all the fun, you can extend your discounts to most travel options online. For example, when you book a hotel, try your AARP discount. If this option doesn’t work for your travel dates, try selecting the option for “Senior” or “Over the Age of 65.” On some travel sites, this may give you a few extra dollars off.

Think you can’t take a reduced price cruise? You sure can. Most sites will allow a discount for seniors and depending on the cruise, you may find a host of activities onboard. Start by checking with AARP for the discounts they offer so you know what to ask for.

Free stuff online

Seniors have a host of free deals and advantages they can find online. Aging Care suggests doing a search online for what’s available in your area. Depending on where you live, you might be able to get free help with computers at your local library, reduced transportation through the state, and discounted prescription glasses. Phoenix hearing aids are available if you do a search online and you may find that AARP gives you a discount, as well.

For activities that might be free in your area, do a search online for the free item you want and make the search something like “Free deals for Senior Citizens.” For example, you may find that you can take classes for free if you want to go back to school. You may also be able to audit a free class.

Groceries and shopping

If you’re on public assistance, you may find that there are food banks near you that give free food to seniors. You may also want to check with the local churches in your area. They may have a pantry that they work with that gives away free food every week.

If you’re ever unsure about the discounts and free things for seniors check with AARP and check your local government website for help for seniors. They may have a host of programs that you can tap into. Remember, now that you’re a senior, you’re kind of a big deal! Look for those discounts!

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