I Was Diagnosed with Frozen Shoulder

When I was diagnosed with frozen shoulder, I had no idea what it even meant. I had never heard of the condition before, nor had my wife. The name is definitely appropriate though, because I was not able to move my shoulder much at all, hence it felt frozen or unable to move. My doctor did some imaging tests and determined that was why. He told me that I had a few different options, and I immediately discounted the surgical one. He then recommended that I see a chiropractor in Corte Madera who treats this condition.

He gave me the names of three different ones, already knowing that I would want to research each one and make my own decision on which chiropractor to visit. I was very thankful that he gave me a list of the top three he would go to himself though, because that cut down on a lot of my research as there are a lot of chiropractors in the area. When I saw Thrive, I knew that they were the ones for me even before looking at the other two. I gave them a courtesy look anyway, but I was right in my assessment of Thrive.

I looked at the page on their website that describes the different conditions that they treat there, and frozen shoulder is one of them. I had already had an in depth discussion about what it entails with my PCP, but it was nice to see that the chiropractic website was just as detailed on their website. That made me confident that they would take this as seriously as I did. Between adjustments, physiotherapy and exercises I did on my own, it was not painful like most people say it is. That is because I tackled it aggressively from the beginning, which included surrounding myself with professionals who knew how to treat this condition.

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