Our Kid Needed Swift Care to Get Back to Feeling Good Again

I was pretty rough and tumble when it came to playing as a kid. Like a lot of other boys back then, I played a lot of games where I crashed into other kids at full speed, fell off of boxes or out of trees and other things. My son hasn’t had that same luck. Recently, he fell off the roof after he snuck up there to play with friends one day. He’s lucky that he didn’t break something. My wife took him to a San Rafael chiropractor after he complained for weeks of back pain. We were both so very concerned for him. He’s only 10 years old, so the thought of him suffereing through that sort of pain for the rest of his life was very worrisome. We knew that we needed to try to fix this for him.

Our son is not as physically active as I was when I was a kid. I was pretty tough. Falls and spills did not affect me much physically or mentally. Our son is more sensitive than I was. I like him just the way he is, so the fact that he’s a sensitive kid is not a problem and should not be. I love that he is thoughtful, introspective and often likes to spend his free time reading and thinking about intellectual things. Sometimes, he goes out to play with the other kids and gets hurt, but this time, I was so scared for his future. A bad back could affect his future job options.

Going to a chiropractor for aduls is very safe. This is no different for kids. We knew that our boy would be in good hands when my wife took him to the same chiropractor she sees regularly. He needed a few months of treatments, but he has told me recently that he has no more pain and he feels good again thanks to the help he was given.

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