I Wrecked My Bike the Other Morning

It was a great ride for me, I was racing with about thirty other people in the hills outside of the city. There were a bunch of software engineers in the pack and one of them really messed up. I am not sure what he was trying to do, but he wrecked really hard and there was no time for me to get out of his way. I went head over tea kettle into a sign post. It hurt bad, but I picked myself up and rode on. I had to see a chiropractor in the San Francisco after I realized that the pain was not going to go away. In fact when I woke up the next morning I had a really tough time getting out of the bed. My back had gotten really stiff. So I got in the shower and turned up the hot water as high as I could stand it. After a good long time the back began to loosen up and I was able to go about my day.

Obviously you can not have that happen to you every single morning. My boss would not put up with it for very long, although the truth is that he may not notice that I was late since he is not ever in the building before I am. I was late this morning, but he did not show up until a couple of hours later. When you are the boss, well there is not going to be anyone to complain about that. For me I have him to complain and he is always looking for a good thing to yell about. At any rate that is not something I am going to do, so I found a chiropractor and I got him to fix the problem right off.

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