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How to Write a Report. This articles will give introduce the reader to the different things that will guide him in making his report. This will outline the different formats and structures of a report through the provision of the processes that must be done for the production of a structured report. How do you define a report Reports are well-structured written documents intended for a particular audience with the purpose in making them act on a report or making them realize something. Problems, events and other circumstances are presented to the audience through these reports coupled with the different opinions of other resource persons. Informations are presented in manners that are well structured with different sections such as headings, titles and other information that are easily located.
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Asking someone to make a report is not just as easy as giving them a topic for discussion but a report brief is needed. The purpose, issue, problem and audience are all contained in the report brief as well as the format and other structures required for the report.
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What does a good report contain? Here are the reasons why written reports are forms of assessment: 1. To be able the monitor and evaluate the degree of learnings of whoever read and conducted their researches. 2. The experience of the important skills in the workplace is an integral part of the training. To make an effective report, the presentation of facts and analyses thereof must be relevant to the issue at hand. The sources of the report must be listed and acknowledged each time that the issue presented refers to a particular reference provided that it adheres to the preferred style of your agency. The difference between an essay and a report is that a report is less opinionated and has a direct and concise use of language. A well written report will be able to make the reader understand the points being presented as well as conform to the specifications of the report brief. Reports are made to analyze and evaluate the gathered information that are relevant to the times. The presentation of these reports are done in a manner that is consistent with the report brief instructions. After the gathering of information, analysis and evaluation, the discussion in the report must include evidence based conclusions. The recommendations that are presented in the report based on the analysis and conclusions reported must be practical in a way that they can be implemented with minimal resources as well as thoughtful so that the efforts made are in congruence with the relevant facts and evidence gathered.

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